View Full Version : Steve Grimes'"Utility Sinar Lens Boards"

Robert J. Triffin
9-Nov-2001, 08:46
Steve Grimes makes a utility Sinar lens board that allows for one to use of a ci rcular polarizer with 100mm filters, and that can be up to 2mm in thickness.

The beauty of Steve's invention is that: it obviates the need to purchase sepera te Sianr adapter rings for each lens that is used, it allows for use of up to th ree contrast filters with a circular polarizer, it fits into a Sinar bellows/len s shade, and does not depend on the thread condition of a lens' front element. In addition, Steve's utility lens board can be used with, or without, a Sinar au to-shutter.

Steve's finished product is undeniably a thing of beauty, simplicity, and genius . Certainly, I suspect Steve can adapt his idea of a "Utility Lens Board" to an y large format camera. In my opinion, Steve' utility Sinar lens board is so wel l made and impressive, that it looks like something Sinar would have sold with a much higher price tag.

Robert J. Triffin Drexel Hill, PA / USA RJTRIFFIN@HOME.COM