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Ramiro Elena
2-Jul-2011, 06:16
I just got this beat-up Packard which has two pump mechanisms. I'd like to know how they work. Do both do the same? It seemed for a moment the cilinder on the right has a longer travel and maybe open and shuts the shutter in one press of the bulb.
Mine works erratically and only shows a hit of wanting to do that.
The cilinder on the left works as it should.

There's a spring mechanism inside which doesn't seem to do anything.

The cardboard/paper inside was pretty damaged so I replaced it with a sheet of black plastic which should make the leafs slide better.

2-Jul-2011, 06:39
One piston controls the instant function, about 1/20. Or so. Usually tue flash sync it hooked to this one.

The second piston if for time. As long as you squeeze the bulb the shutter stays open.

I prefer the two piston shutters. No hassle with that darn pin. (Galli looses the pins so watch yourself...:) )

Ramiro Elena
2-Jul-2011, 07:49
Thanks Eddie and your european customer service :D

So there is a fixed pin in this one. I mean that pin I am seeing is the fixed pin?
Does one change the tube to either one depending on the use every time?

I think I got it to work in instant although it is tricky to make it shut all the way and not leave a small opening. Taking the finger off the bulb at the very end seems to take care of the problem.

2-Jul-2011, 09:00
You could swap the bulb between two tubes to save money or from losing parts on location. I only know of two people with studio cameras who have these. Both have bulbs for each. More for the convenience of not having to do the hardware shuffle, just squeeze when ready.

Ramiro Elena
2-Jul-2011, 09:06
Ah, of course. Didn't think of that. Thanks Chris.

2-Jul-2011, 10:59
There is no pins on the double pumper. Sorry to confuse it. I use two bulbs and hoses. Far easier. One has a plug (instant) so I do not have to hold my thumb on the hole in the bulb.

Ramiro Elena
5-Jul-2011, 01:48
One last thing. I got it working, damn those things are nice and easy!

How do you open the shutter (for focusing for example) if only the instant action pump is connected?
Should I connect the other pump in order to open the shutter? Is there a way to do it with the instant action pump? (right now it opens and goes back to being closed)

Finally, where do you guys get the metal fitting that goes through the lensboard? I saw a post from a while back of a hardware store in the US (I doubt they'll ship overseas for such a small part)

5-Jul-2011, 04:08
Two pistons = two bulbs and two hoses.

No idea on the adapters. Sorry.

28-Aug-2011, 15:41
Finally, where do you guys get the metal fitting that goes through the lensboard? I saw a post from a while back of a hardware store in the US (I doubt they'll ship overseas for such a small part)

Probably you already solved your problem. If you are still looking for those metal fittings, then i found a few solutions in a catalog with spare parts for air compressors and accessories for pneumatic systems. If you can find one of those brass fittings in two parts, with a pressure connector on both sides, then the "look" will be perfect. If you don't, there will be male/male adapters in plastic or aluminium, available in various sizes. With these adapters you should drill a hole of the right size, and epoxy the part in place. When the epoxy has hardened, you could fill the hole with "liquid wood" of the right color.
The fittings sold by the Packard shutter company are nice, but they cost more then 40 USD each, plus shipment. I need some... so i will have a look around. Some time ago i purchased some of those high-tech plug-in fittings for for stiff nylon tubes. I guess that a simple low-tech connector shouldn't be impossible to find :D

If you have no success where you live, send me a PM.
I have already found the red rubber hose , and i will look for the fittings very soon.

have fun


28-Aug-2011, 15:57
You open the shutter by squeezing the bulb gently until the shutter is open and then take your finger off the hole and let air back in. When you are ready to shoot cycle the shutter a couple of times and then put your darkslide in.

Ramiro Elena
30-Aug-2011, 12:22
CJ, what brand of compressor parts did you find? Do they have a website?
There should be something similar here but just in case.

I got my pump and hose from a tensiometer. I am thinking the fittings could come from a medical supplier aswell.

Tracy Storer
2-Sep-2011, 11:10
All the bulbs, tubes, and fittings you need for Packard Shutters can be bought new directly from Packard Shutter, they are still in business in California USA. I have found them to provide fast service, and the bulbs work PERFECTLY.