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Brad Bireley
1-Jul-2011, 14:32
What can I get for a 4x5 body for $500-$700?

Gem Singer
1-Jul-2011, 14:35
Are you buying or selling?

Jim Jones
1-Jul-2011, 14:57
I've bought several 4x5 press and view cameras on ebay for less than your price range. We should study the type of camera we intend to buy online to best interpret the ads. There are several reliable stores in the USA. Cameras may be a bit more expensive there, but the service can be better. If you are new to large format, consider the necessary lenses and accessories.

1-Jul-2011, 15:18
If buying, you could get my 1952 Speed Graphic, 127mm Ektar lens & change from $500.
My virtually unused Zone VI camera and a little change from $700.

Brad Bireley
1-Jul-2011, 15:29
I have a speed graphic now & want something with more more movements.

1-Jul-2011, 16:00
That is exactly how I came to own my first two 4x5 cameras.

daniel w.
1-Jul-2011, 16:34
A calumet monorail can be had for easily under $500, and have plenty of movement (in a tilt/rise/etc. way). Either hope for a lensboard and use what you got or look for one as a package. It will be nowhere as portable as the speed though.

sidenote: hey wayne!

Alan Gales
1-Jul-2011, 16:48
Used Sinar P or the lighter F2 if you want a monorail.

All ready mentioned used Crown or Speed Graphic press cameras.

Used Tachihara or possibly Shen Hao.

Alan Gales
1-Jul-2011, 16:53
That's used Tachihara or possibly Shen Hao wooden field cameras.

Used Toyo 45A metal folding field camera.

1-Jul-2011, 16:58
I've got a Sinar F I'll part with for $375 shipped to your doorstep. Send me a PM/email if interested.
I think there was a CC-402 in the FS ads for less than that.

1-Jul-2011, 20:14
If it's a monorail you're after, Chris' Sinar is a good option, as is a Toyo G, for about the same price.

Ivan J. Eberle
1-Jul-2011, 21:31
For the sort of field work seems to interest the OP (pictures of hunting cabins in PA), a folding metal field camera might be ideal. Not the least reason being they act as a strongboxes for whatever lenses can be fit inside.
There have been a lot of these down through the years. Most anything but a Wista or Linhof will be within your budget. I have a couple of 60+ year old Meridians; a Graflex Super Graphic would also fall well within your budget too and offer a lot of flexibility.

2-Jul-2011, 01:36
A Super Graphic would be a great option with one major advantage they share essentially the same lens boards as the Pacemaker Graphics. Reasonable amout of movements, revolving back etc.


Drew Bedo
2-Jul-2011, 06:10
Check View Camera Magazine (early 2000s) for an article on how to modify a Speed Graphic for front tilt and swing. For the cost of a reprint you may be able to have what you want. The other $490 could go towards a lens.

Brad Bireley
2-Jul-2011, 06:38
I forgot to say that I do have a Crown Graphic. The lack of movements & non rotating back are a drawback. I also have a Ektar 127mm & a Rodenstock Geronar 210mm for lenses right now. I do want a field camera.

Gem Singer
2-Jul-2011, 06:51
Do you want a new camera, or a previously owned one?

Do you want to purchase a lens, or use the ones you already own?

Two new cameras( minus lens) in your price range are the Shen Hao and the Tachihara.

You can mount the lenses that you already own on those cameras.

See: www.badgergraphic.com

Scott Whitford
2-Jul-2011, 07:13
Graphic View II. Be sure to get the II.

Make sure it comes with its folding viewing hood and tripod mount.

Jim Jones
2-Jul-2011, 07:47
Graphic View II. Be sure to get the II.

Make sure it comes with its folding viewing hood and tripod mount.

The folding viewing hood is a nuisance when compared to a focusing cloth, but the tripod mount is certainly a necessity. The original Graphic View is nice, too, except for the off-axis tilts. It is one of the most beautiful of metal view cameras.

MIke Sherck
2-Jul-2011, 08:28
A fellow named JJ has a Zone VI for sale here. I bumped his thread so it should appear at the top of the classifieds. Not my sale and I don't benefit from it, but I think his prices are pretty good and I have the same camera. I'm very happy with it.


2-Jul-2011, 08:33
I have a Toyo/Omega 45C (monorail) in excellent condition in a genuine Toyo aluminum hard case that I'd be willing to part with for the princely sum of $500 + shipping.

I never use the camera - preferring to use the Toyo ROBOS instead which I absolutely love. It's been sitting unused in its case in my walk-in closet for years and should out taking pictures instead.

If interested, send me a PM.


PS: Included would be 2 Toyo Lensboards - a copal 0 and 1.

Peter Gomena
4-Jul-2011, 21:18
Ditto the Zone VI.

Peter Gomena

Rick A
5-Jul-2011, 02:56
You could buy either of my Calomet 4x5's for under $200 and use the change for a couple of decent lenses plus assorted accessories and have one swell kit.

5-Jul-2011, 03:26
OP says he wants a field camera. He might find a Linhoff Tech III in that price range.

An older Arca can usually be found in the same range, and it's very light and portable, although not a field camera.

Sirius Glass
10-Jul-2011, 10:24
What do you want to use 4x5 for? Hand held with limited movements, a folding view camera, or a rail view camera
Hand held ==> I bought a 1953 4"x5" Pacemaker Speed Graphic with a f/4.7 135mm Graflex Optar lens and a 1928 4"x5" Graflex Model D with a f/4.5 No. 33 Kodak Anastigmat lens and a custom Graflok back, in pristine and near pristine condition for under $500 each.
Folding view camera ==> Get advice from others.
Rail view cameras ==> Get advice from others.


14-Jul-2011, 05:23
My one-and-only view camera purchase was as follows:

4x5 Camera Body (Omega View 45F), bellows, ground glass, 5 film holders, dark cloth, shutter release cable, and case: $211 (Ebay)

Convertible Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 150mm F/5.6 (265 F/12) in a Synchro-Compur 1/400 shutter: $152 (Ebay)

Manfrotto Tripod and head (Ritz Camera) $150

Total system cost: $513.

Jim Galli
14-Jul-2011, 06:11
You can get my Kodak 2D 5X7 with a 180mm Symmar-S and 4 film holders!

Brian Ellis
14-Jul-2011, 07:50
Forget the people who are offering you things that aren't what you said you want. There are reasons why the sellers don't want their monorails (bulky, heavy, unsuited for field work) and for the same reasons they don't want them you don't want them either. Someone mentioned a Linhof Technika III, forget that too. You're unhappy with your present camera because you want more movements, no sense in going for a camera that doesn't have front forward tilt. And since you said you wanted a 4x5, forget the 5x7 too.

As to your basic question, for $500 - $700 you should be able to get a good used Tachihara, Shen Hao, or Zone VI. The Tachihara has fewer movements than the other two but it has the essential movements, i.e. front tilt, swing, rise, and fall, rear tilt and swing. Someone mentioned a Toyo, I've played around with several Toyos and they seemed like very nice cameras but I've never owned one so I don't know about movements or prices. You could also check older field cameras such as Koronas but they generally have limited movements and so may not be what you want.

Will S
14-Jul-2011, 08:08
I have Meridian 45B that seems to fit your requirements. I think I paid US$250 for it. It took me awhile to find it, but they did seem to show up every once in awhile.

There is a review on the lf home page cameras - 4x5 roundup.



John Kasaian
14-Jul-2011, 08:56
Geez fellas,this guy wants a field camera!
There are likely plenty of $500-700 4x5 field cameras floating around out there looking for a home.

E. von Hoegh
14-Jul-2011, 09:00
I have a speed graphic now & want something with more more movements.

Have you looked through the "For Sale" section??

Heck, you can get a NEW Shen Hao for that price range!

Brad Bireley
15-Jul-2011, 06:05
Thanks for eveyones suggestions. I found a very nice Shen Hao for a great price!

15-Jul-2011, 11:41
I started with the same budget and ended up with a new-old-stock Tachihara and I love it. True it doesn't have all of the movements, but for what I shoot (mostly still-life and landscape / rural decay) it does all I need an more. I purchased the camera, a 150 / 247 convertible Ilex in a Copal 1, 2 lens boards, cable release, polaroid back, polaroid film and a nice Domke bag all for $600 shipped. I've since added lenses, etc but I'm overall super happy. The only drawback is it get a lot of curious onlookers attention since she's so purdy.