View Full Version : Schneider 210 Super-Symmar XL on toyo VX125

1-Jul-2011, 12:40
Does anyone have any experience with a Schneider 210 Super-Symmar XL on their toyo VX125?

I know this lens is overkill for 4x5, but I have been thinking about moving into an 8x10 and I think this lens would work well as a longer portrait on the 4x5 and a wide angle for the 8x10. Just wanted to see if anyone knew how it works on a VX125.

Gem Singer
1-Jul-2011, 12:50
To handle a 41/2 pound lens, mounted in a Copal 3 shutter, that takes 135mm screw-in filters, is asking a lot from any 4x5 camera.

With it's 500mm image circle, the 210SSXL is overkill for 8x10.

1-Jul-2011, 13:59
Well, if you were looking for a wide angle lens with good coverage to allow for some movement on 8x10 what would you suggest?

Gem Singer
1-Jul-2011, 14:24
Wide angle equivalent to a 75 on 4x5-----Nikon/Nikkor f8 150SW.

Equivalent to a 120 on 4x5----------------Nikon/Nikkor f5.6 240W.

(There is a Nikon 240W listed for sale on this forum at the present time).

John NYC
1-Jul-2011, 21:38
Well, if you were looking for a wide angle lens with good coverage to allow for some movement on 8x10 what would you suggest?

Not quite as wide as 210mm, but the 240mm G-Claron is great on 8x10, and allows for a good amount of movement when stopped down to f/22. For really wide, the 150mm SS XL. I used to own both of those lenses and they are great on 8x10.

Dominique Cesari
2-Jul-2011, 04:08
If you really want a 210SSXL for 8x10, buy also an excellent 72/75 210 mm lens for your 4x5.
The handling of the 210SSXL is painful and somewhat dangerous for the lens, as you may let it fall (I haven't big hands). More, you will have to limit carefuly the extra light gathered outside of the needed angle, and this lens is not easy to shade.

John Powers
2-Jul-2011, 05:01
I had one for my 7x17. It came in a case that was larger, heavier and looked more expensive than my Linhof TK45. It creates its own logistics problems. Someone earlier discribed the case as a "steal me now" sign.


PS: note there is a 210mmssxl FS here. The owner says "Covers 8x20 with lots of room to spare." Maybe you need a bigger dream, eh... camera than 8x10.

2-Jul-2011, 05:11
Try to find an older Fujinon 210, image circle of around 350, I think.

Gem Singer
2-Jul-2011, 07:11
The older, single coated, Fujinon f5.6 210W had a 352mm image circle and covered 8x10.

However, previously owned ones are hard to find.

John NYC
2-Jul-2011, 10:09
As a follow up to the reasoning behind my earlier recommendation, I personally can't imagine using a 210 SS XL in the field on 8x10 even and enjoying the experience. Too big and heavy for my taste.

neil poulsen
2-Jul-2011, 11:33
Considering the huge cost of the 210 XL, I would have two lenses, one for 4x5 and the XL for 8x10. A 210mm for 4x5 is one of the most common, and least expensive, of 4x5 lenses. Using the XL for 4x5 exposes that bulky lens to unnecessary risk.

With that said, I'm sure it's (the XL) a great lens. What a neat thing, to have that lens available for wide-angle 8x10 work.

evan clarke
2-Jul-2011, 11:58
Maybe a 150 SSXL. I use one on my 5x7 and 8x10..Evan Clarke

P.S. It also has a common filter size with some of my other lenses..EC