View Full Version : Compendium hood for Chamonix?

Jeff Bannow
1-Jul-2011, 11:56
Anyone using one? Is there a good product that would attach to the accessory shoe? I see that Shen Hao has a nice looking one but the Chamonix doesn't have the fittings to attach it.

I would prefer a hood or shade over using a card, hand or darkslide. If I can't find anything good, I guess I'll have to use something on the filter ring.

1-Jul-2011, 12:29
The "hot shoe" on the chamonix is a little larger height-wise than a standard hot shoe. It's also pretty shallow so you get alot of play with anything you stick on there. Here's what I use if I'm not using a lee filter bellows. The little cold shoe mount can tighten down on the camera and the flexible arm goes up top. The other clamp pictured is made by manfrotto (i added the fuzzy velcro to prevent camera damage) but isn't as useful since it's so short.

Jeff Bannow
1-Jul-2011, 12:30
Thanks Vinny! I was kinda worried about that shoe - good idea with the adapter. I think I have one banging around my darkroom somewhere ...