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daniel w.
30-Jun-2011, 14:45
I've picked up a Crown Graphic with the Graphex 135/4.7 (and a Zeiss 135 6.8 too), but it would appear that the Kalart is way off, and as much as I'm trying to pick up from the (very) numerous sources, some using some mix of bitmap texts, scans, and textual descriptions - I just can't get the hang of it.

So, please. Somebody out there if you know of a video showing a workdown of the Kalart, (or of a pretty clearly understandable version - your recommendations appreciated) or if you could please, please, please put one together... pleeeaaaassseee.

30-Jun-2011, 15:55
Are you using the right cam? The two lenses would take different cams.

- Leigh

30-Jun-2011, 16:11
Are you using the right cam? The two lenses would take different cams.

If his Crown Graphic has the side-mounted Kalart rangefinder, it does not require a seperate cam, unlike the top-mounted Kalart used on later Crown Graphics.

OP, have you checked out graflex.org yet?

--From Another Leigh, in Santa Barbara, Calif.

30-Jun-2011, 16:19
--From Another Leigh, in Santa Barbara, Calif.
What? There's an impostor on the left coast? :eek:

Oh... the shame of it all. I shall never live it down! :D

My screen name on another forum is The Real Leigh, for just this reason. An impostor registered before I did. :rolleyes:


30-Jun-2011, 16:40
If his Crown Graphic has the side-mounted Kalart rangefinder, it does not require a seperate cam...
Well, I just pulled out the Kalart RF manual, and in fact it makes no reference to cams, so it appears you're correct. My bad :o

The RF has three adjustments, one at infinity, one at 15 feet, and one at 4 feet.

The internal mechanism must interpolate for intermediate distances. Wow, a mechanical computer. :D

- Leigh

daniel w.
30-Jun-2011, 22:20
I should (admit) that I was being a braggart, I just want to calibrate for the 135/4.7 (leave the Zeiss to GG). I gave the Graflex.org instructions a read (I have a side-mounted Kalart). And I read it as (for just infinity)...

Step 1, Infinity. Using a dime, adjust the screw on the arm that rides the track (visible when extending the mechanism out). How / in what way? What should I be looking for? In my head it would go:
1: Extend bellows to reach screw,
2. wiggle (adjust)
3. retract it back to infinity, see if the images coincide
4. nope? Repeat step 1-3

30-Jun-2011, 22:30
You should be able to make the infinity adjustment without moving the front standard by using a long thin screwdriver.

The manual says to focus on a flat surface, like a brick wall. I suggest at least 60 feet from the camera, although the manual doesn't specify.

My adjustment procedure would be:
1) Focus on the infinity target using a high-power magnifier on the ground glass. Once done, do not move the front standard.
2) Seat the screwdriver in the screw slot using your left hand, then move your eye to the rangefinder.
3) Adjust the rangefinder for image coincidence.

It should take less time than reading the above instructions. :D

I have the 48" (1200mm) military collimator that was designed specifically for setting this camera and the Kalart rangefinder.
It has calibrated targets at infinity, 15', 4', and one other distance that I don't recall. It's quite a beast.

- Leigh

daniel w.
30-Jun-2011, 22:54
Oh dear, confused again!

So, when I focus on infinity:

(A) Leave the track fully retracted, and (unlatch) and pull the standard to accurate GG infinity, lock it, and adjust the screw, and then move the infinity stops to match? Or,,,

(B) Pull the front standard to the infinity stops (not sure if they're accurate), with the track retracted, and adjust the screw?

Also, now I'm not sure which screw I should be looking for now, a bit more confused than before. Thank you for your patience!

1-Jul-2011, 00:15
Sort of a combination of the two, as:
1) Pull the front standard out to the infinity stops and lock it.
2) Focus on the infinity target using the GG and a magnifier.

I prefer to have the rack just slightly (~1/32") forward of the rear position when focused at infinity, to accommodate thermal changes.

If you're unable to focus at infinity with the standard at the stops, then the stops are off and will need to be reset, as in your option A. This is doubtful, unless they were set for a different focal length lens.

- Leigh

daniel w.
1-Jul-2011, 07:52
Got it, but now I'm not sure which screw I'm supposed to be looking for to adjust for infinity

1-Jul-2011, 08:12
I'd have to see a photo of the mechanism to be sure.

It should be on the arm coming out the side of the rangefinder going into the camera body. The screw sticks up at an angle toward the top front.

- Leigh

1-Jul-2011, 11:30
A couple of phone camera or dig photo's would be helpful.

I'm about to adjust my 2x3 for 100 Schneider from a 101 Wolly.

Kevin Crisp
1-Jul-2011, 11:36
The factory instructions are available on the Graflex site, once I followed them to the letter I had no more problems. Mark the target on the closer settings exactly as suggested. The rangefinder when set up correctly in remarkably accurate. I prefer to have infinity set so that, with the focus rails all the way back, the camera is in focus at infinity. This means you can pop the front open, pull the standard to the stops, and you are ready to shoot at infinity.

daniel w.
1-Jul-2011, 13:56
Hmm, here's what I'm looking at:



1-Jul-2011, 21:44
That's great, I have the same setup with my Kalart side mounted rf. I'll look up the instructions. Thanks, Curt

daniel w.
2-Jul-2011, 15:56
I'm still not sure of which screw I should be wiggling for infinity adjust =[

tom thomas
3-Jul-2011, 15:00
Daniel, I had the same problem with a 23 Crown Graphic, side mount Kalart. See my tread here in Cameras and Camera Accessories, titled, "Need help to adjust Kalart Rangefinder on Graflex Crown Graphic". It was posted 23 Feb 2011.

My first problem was that the rangefinder wouldn't focus at any distance. The "Lateral Image" cam under the rangefinder cover was out of it's track. There is a Lateral (side by side) image adjust as well as up and down and with the lateral going nuts, the up and down never would come into focus. Once I opened the cover (two screws on top and two on the bottom edge) and reset the little arm in the notch on the adjusting screw, I was able to proceed with setting infinity. There is a picture of the notch on the adjusting screw in my post.

Here is a photo showing the Kalart on my 23 Crown. Notice the bump/screw head on the front of the rangefinder just below the top lens. That is the Lateral Image adjusting screw. The second photo shows what it looks like inside. If it's not near the center of its run, adjust it there, then manually move the RF lever a bit so the cam on it lines up with the notch. You will feel it hit home when you gently push the cover back in place.

I share the problem you mention with both a 23 Crown Graphic and a 45 Speed. I can't access the Dime Screw with the rack all the way in and the front standard slid out to the existing Infinity stops. I had to check focus on a tall object at least 1/2 mile away, then release the stops and unlatch the standard. Move the standard out where I could access the dime screw, adjust a bit, left to raise image, right to lower, put all back in place, check, then redo till I was satisfied.

I noticed in your photo of the Dime Screw cam and the adjust arm that the RF lever is not contacting the cam at all. Someone has turned it full forward.

Try turning the Dime Screw CCW with a very wide bladed screwdriver (to avoid damaging the slot on the dime screw) or dime (I didn't have enough room on 23 Model to insert a dime) until you are about midway through the adjustment range. Check it there and restart your adjustment procedure.

Hope that helps. I still find tufts of the hair I pulled out in frustration while trying to adjust mine. I kinda gave up on fine focus and I use a separate rangefinder from the 40'ies or I eyeball my distances.