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29-Jun-2011, 16:51
I am thinking of making some new lensboards for my Speed Graphics. I have some for the 4x5, but need some for the 2x3 and the 3x4. I'm thinking of machining them from 1/4" aluminum plate. Any comments or suggestions would be most appreciated.

29-Jun-2011, 17:03
You obviously know some form of CAD and have the machine center to do the milling.
What are you asking?

Jim Ewins
29-Jun-2011, 17:22
I have done that on my SureLine mill. Probably because of my lack of experience it took a while but it worked well- I made one for my 2 1/4. Enjoy

Jim Jones
29-Jun-2011, 19:35
Rather than form or mill the light trap lip, one can cut a flat board from about 1/32" aluminum or other material, and mount a light trap on the back that nearly fits the inside of the raised lip on the front standard. This light trap material can be hobby shop foam for easy fabrication. One can also form sheet aluminum into a light trap like original boards. It makes a better trap than the first suggestion, but is a lot more work. Brass can be used instead of aluminum, with the corners cut and brazed.

29-Jun-2011, 20:10
Hi Ken,
I remember the Deardorff I sent to you some years ago for refinishing. Great job!
I don't have a CNC machine and am just a hobby machinist and am going to use my Deckel FP1 to do the job. As the Deckel mills were originally used to fabricate Deckel Compur shutters, there just might be some Karma there! In answer to your your question I just wanted some thoughts or suggestions from others who may have tried the same project.

30-Jun-2011, 18:18
I have always wanted a Deckel FP1 mill. I keep losing out to others at auctions. Last year there was a FP1 converted to digital readout and CNC 3 axis drive. A flawless conversion. The Bridgeports were going for 800-1500 with some elementary tooling. The three Deckels hit 7500.00 no tooling. They went to one guy. Now your boards...You got a mill....Make a die set? that and an arbor press and start stamping them away? Almost as much work as making a couple of boards?

5-Jul-2011, 10:34
I just cut flat aluminum to 92mm square (corners might need sanding) so it covers the whole lens area completely. I never worried about doing anything with the inner light trap ridge and I've never had a problem with light leaking in.