View Full Version : D-76 1:1 in 31/2 gallon tank with replenisher D-76R workable??

Jeff Liao
26-Sep-2001, 00:07
Deos D-76 1:1 in 31/2 gallon tank with replenisher D-76R workable? Kodak only suggest D-76R work with D-76 stock

if it is workable, what should i watch? how many sheet of 8x10 i can develop with D-76 1:1 with D-76R? how much D-76R need to add per 8x10 sheet?


Walter Glover
26-Sep-2001, 09:32

Nice idea ... but!

Replenisher can only successfully be used with UNDILUTED developer. Kodak's website has D-76 data sheet info that will state the capacity of the developer.

Sorry to disappoint, but to the best of my knowledge "them's the facts."


Scott Walton
26-Sep-2001, 10:57
It's fine but by using Replenisher you will find that you will slowly build up contrast. I used to use it with a Hostert (22 gallon tank) and always did control strips to monitor. You will be better off using HC110 and replenisher for more controllable, longer lasting results in my findings.

26-Sep-2001, 13:20
Kodak has modified the replenishment routine for D76 now...they have specs on their website, but they no longer recommend D76R alone, they now use a modified D76R...for straight working D76.

Sorry I can't offer more help, we switched our tank over to TMAX RS replenished several years ago, after using D76. I really prefer the RS to the D76, because it's easier to maintain in a working tank, and seems to be a cleaner developer as well (just my opinion here). I've also had some luck with XTOL straight in a tank, replenished as well.

I've never used any of the Sprint film developers, but I think their liquid developer is based off D76 1:1, and it can be replenished by another dilution of the stock solution as well. So, that may be a good route to go if you want to experiment. Another good thing going for it, or TMAX RS, or HC110...is that they're all liquid---easier to mix up.