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29-Jun-2011, 15:50
I was figuring that, instead of mixing the 1+4 stock and hopefully using it before expiring, I would try mixing single shot. The math says that it would be 1+31 using the concentrate to derive solution B which is what I like to use. Has anyone tried this? I don't see why it won't work but you never know until it's been tried.

Stephen Lumry
29-Jun-2011, 16:05
I have been using J Brunner's approach since I started developing and have not found any reason to change. Look here for the details: http://www.jasonbrunner.com/hc110.html

29-Jun-2011, 16:32
I get 1:63 to get solution B from concentrate. i.e 1/4 oz to make a pint

1+3 gets stock solution. If I'm remembering right, solution B is 1+7. That amounts to 1+31. Did I miss something?

Kevin Crisp
29-Jun-2011, 17:17
Yes. Get an accurate small graduate that will measure one ounce. Add that to 31 ounces of water and skip the middle man. To get all the syrup out of the small graduate add some water, put your thumb over it and shake. I've been using HC110 this way for 25 years, though I upped the dilution at some point so that I had longer development times in the summer heat.

The syrup seems to last years and years even in a partially used bottle in the fridge.

Greg Lockrey
29-Jun-2011, 17:47
1+3 gets stock solution. If I'm remembering right, solution B is 1+7. That amounts to 1+31. Did I miss something?

You're right.... I misread the small print:eek: gettin old.....:D

works out to 14.8 ml per pint.

Ken Lee
29-Jun-2011, 17:57
What Kevin said.

Greg Blank
29-Jun-2011, 19:40
You don't have to get a graduate if you have Vicks NyQuil, the measure cup is conveniently marked in ml, 30 ml approximately one ounce. I have several that I have saved over the years. A by product of being occasionally under the weather ;)

Bob McCarthy
29-Jun-2011, 19:53
Try a turkey injector, at every supermarket.


29-Jun-2011, 20:00
If you're finding dilution B too contrasty, try dilution H, which is dilution B mixed with an equal amount of water, or 1:63. Add 50% developing time as a start.

29-Jun-2011, 20:14
I use a dosing syringe (free at any pharmacy) to measure out the syrup. I mix 50:1 usually. I have never made stock solution with HC110; I use it just like rodinal.

Drew Wiley
29-Jun-2011, 20:18
I normally mix it directly from concentrate. One thing that really helps is a set of
small polymethylpentene graduates. These cost more than the usual acrylic or
polyethylene ones, but are much better because they resiss the fluid tension of the
solutions better, and the sticky syrup drains out more easily.

29-Jun-2011, 23:25
Like water finding the easiest path downhill, I have ended up doing it this way:
I do the 1:31 from HC110 syrup using one laxative measure into a 1 litre bottle. I use the solution one-shot.
A refinement for tubes and orbitals is: one cup of water for prewash, after a minute or so, add one cup of 1:31. Then, at half time (the solution is getting exhausted), add another cup of 1:31. Total time for TMax100 10 minutes. The idea being to unstick the film from the tank only once in the prewash.

Louie Powell
30-Jun-2011, 05:55
Mixing 1-31 single shot certainly does work. The only concern is that the viscosity of HC-110 concentrate makes it very hard to accurately measure the small quantity require for a small batch of developer. One solution is to ask your pharmacist for an infant syringe - this is a needle-less syringe used to administer liquid medications to children. Use it to measure and inject the HC-110 concentrate into a graduate. Then, put some water into a second graduate (or mayonnaise jar - this ain't rocket science), and rinse out the syringe by repeatedly drawing water from that container and squirting it into the developer graduate.

Like Ari, I tend to use dilution H rather than dilution B. And for me, I prefer to mix the stock solution, and the dilute it prior to use. I find that to be less of a hassle that trying to precisely measure the concentrate. I keep the stock solution in colored glass bottles, and it seems to have an almost infinite shelf life (well, at least several years).

Bob McCarthy
30-Jun-2011, 07:03
The only really important item is to be "consistant" in how you mix the chemestry. It is absolutely meaningless to be a small tad off on measuring. 1/30.5 or 1/32 will process your film as well as 1/31. It's far more important that you mix it consistantly, ie. 1/32 every time. then your tests are repeatable.

Absolute precision is not critical, being repeatable is...


30-Jun-2011, 08:11
Absolute precision is not critical, being repeatable is...


Good point. Accuracy isn't important but precision is.

Accuracy and precision are best understood by considering marksmanship. A loose grouping near the bulls eye is accurate but not very precise. A tight grouping that's not centered on the Bull is precise but not very accurate.

With film processing, corrections can be made as long as the results are consistent.

Curt Palm
30-Jun-2011, 08:42
a store that sells plastics, Tap plastics were I am, also sells syringes in different sizes.

30-Jun-2011, 08:52
I went to the pharmacy to get some syringes. They would sell me anything up to 1ml graduated by 10ths. Anything larger would require a prescription. Fortunately, I have a friend who is a paramedic. He gave me some 10ml and 50ml without needles. Perfect.

13-Jul-2011, 22:53
I am also using baby cough syrup feeding syringe( free from Target pharmacy dept.).
I usually make it 1+64 which developing time is the double of solution B.
You may look up massive developing chart on Digitaltrurth for the time of solution B.

Michael Cienfuegos
18-Jul-2011, 11:36
You can usually get oral syringes without a prescription. I like the catheter tip 60 mL syringes, such as used for enteric feeding tube flushing. They work great. (you can't fit a needle on the end of one of these guys. ) The smaller ones are good for drawing up small amounts of solution.