View Full Version : Qualtiy of the MPP Micro-Press camera

Jerry A. Hyman
3-Nov-2001, 21:54
I am looking at purchasing a 4X5 Press camera as my first entry into large forma t. I have a chance to purchase a British MPP Press camera with a couple of lens but would like to know your opinions on the quality of this camera? How does i t compare to the Super Graphic?

I plan to use this camera for enviromental shots, head and shoulder portraits, a nd general landscape photography.


Jerry Hyman

Doug Paramore
4-Nov-2001, 08:17
Jerry: I have owned and used an MPP for several years and found it to be excellent. It has ample bellows extension for the longer lenses and handles a 90mm easily. It has a revolving back, and on the technical model the back has swings and tilts on a sliding rod system aking to the Linhof. The camera is basicaly a Linhof III. The front lens standard has rise, fall, rear tilt and shift. There are two focusing rails, one within the other, to give you lots of bellows extension. With the rear rods extended and the bellows extended, you have 18" or more of bellows extension. The version I have has a version of the Grafloc back, which can be removed. Overall, it is an all metal, excellent camera. Mine also has a rangefinder. If the price is right, go for it.


Dave Glenn
5-Nov-2001, 11:51

There are various marks of MicroPress camera. I have a mark VII (without a rangefinder) and have been very happy with it. For more information on MPP Cameras, check out this Web Site : http://www.mppusers.freeuk.com/