View Full Version : Linhof 617S, HOW!?

29-Jun-2011, 12:56
Today I bought the Linhof 617s with the 90/5,6 lens. But how do I load the film? Or How do I now when I've reached the first frame, and the next frame?

Stupid question, but I can't get it right!


30-Jun-2011, 05:44
I got it! It only works when the film is inside the camera, if someone want to know.

30-Jun-2011, 06:49
And don't change lenses with film in the camera!

Frank Petronio
30-Jun-2011, 07:24
Congrats on getting it ;-) they are beautiful cameras

1-Jul-2011, 00:57
I plaid with a Fuji 617 last week ran t rolls thru and it was amazing. Everything is Hyperfocal for focusing. but they have a chart on the 205 lens f10 was 4.5 meters to infifntiy. Long time since I used a range finder, I was just so happy to see the negatives when I got home. I development of the film them in a Patterson Daylight tank id super simple. I lover 120 film.! So much fun.

Bob Salomon
1-Jul-2011, 04:50
And don't change lenses with film in the camera!

You can only change lenses with the T617 SIII. And the current version of this camera has a darkslide so you can change lenses with film in the camera.