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Drew Bedo
29-Jun-2011, 07:23
Did anyone see this?

This seems really cool from the Techie-Future-is-Now point of view. As an avid futurist myself, I'm on board. This technology will develop and mature to revolutionize Movies TV and Security. It will become as ubiquitous as the touch-screen technology.

As a traditional film photographer working with view cameras, I have emotional reservations. In this digital age, I am a strong believer in getting it right in the camera first to minimize post -capture manipulation in PhotoShop. If you get the image at capture, there is no need for changes and your work-flow is streamlined.

In addition, I have a hard time believing that any array of micro-lenses at the plane of the sensor can do as good a job as the computer designed complex of glass elements that are the state of the art in lenses today. Nikon, Canon, Schneider Rosenstock and other premium lens manufacturers employ the optical brainiacs of our age . . . and non of THEM came up with micro-lenses? OK, this last is an emotional rant—I apologize. Please re-read the first paragraph.


Brian C. Miller
29-Jun-2011, 07:35
There's a thread in the On Photography forum and the Lounge.

Joanna Carter
29-Jun-2011, 10:18
And does it really have anything to do with LF photography?