View Full Version : Schneider old Angulon 65/6.8

Rodrigo Malta
24-Sep-2001, 14:26
Today I saw an old Schneider 65mm/6.8, in a Linhof wide-angle adapter lensboard, the one with the micrometer focusing knob. Do this lens have enought coverage f or 4x5( I suspect not)? Any information on this or user coments? Thank you.

25-Sep-2001, 01:45
It is the wide angle lens issued for the Linhof III, they're similar to the Dagor F8 and F9 that will cover close to 100 degress, all have two cells with three elements in each cell, since there're only four glass-air surfaces the contrast is quite high. I own them in 65mm 90mm 165mm and 210mm, the light fall off and resolution are no match against the modern Super Angulon or similarly designed Nikon and Rodenstock. Unlike the dagors, the outer elements have a larger diameter than the inner ones which might be the reason for the common separation problem.

25-Sep-2001, 14:25
rodrigo - the super angulon 65mm f8 will cover 4x5 with just about no movements but the 6.8 will not.

- john