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28-Jun-2011, 15:15
Hey Everyone!

I recently bought a used Toyo 45D from someone. After several months of use, the bellows are starting to get pinhole light leaks and some larger ones as well.

I have run the gamut looking for ways to stop them from occurring. I have used gaffers tape, duct tape, electrical tape, a combination of these tapes layering them on top of each other. The tapes just don't seem to stick.

Also I have tried using black fabric paint applied to the inside of the bellows, this seemed to work, but after a few days of use new holes were forming, and the paint stiffened up and started cracking.

I would just replace the bellows but they are screwed into the standards and don't want to attempt major surgery on my camera, and I am not really feeling up for sending upwards of $200.

I knew I could find an answer here, so I am pleading, any suggestions. Currently I am managing by wrapping my camera in a dark cloth before each exposure.

28-Jun-2011, 17:41
I used black silicone adhesive sealant on my 810 bellows, and it works splendidly.
Make sure it's adhesive and that it won't harden when dry.
So far (one month) it has held up well. I fold them away when not in use, they see a lot of compression and extension, so the silicone has really done its job.
If you feel you must replace them, a number of Chinese suppliers have stepped up with good-quality, affordable bellows for many major camera models.
You can find them on eBay.

29-Jun-2011, 10:07
Thanks! Where did you purchase it? Is it similar to liquid electrical tape? Are you applying it to the inside of the bellows or the outside?

29-Jun-2011, 10:29
I found an aftermarket bellows for Toyo on the auction site for $69.99 with free shipping. Don't know for sure if it fits your model or not - probably does though. Changing out a bellows is not as hard as one might think.