View Full Version : Another thank-you to Carol at Flutot's Camera Repair

28-Jun-2011, 10:36
Serviced my big Compound shutter (360mm Tele-Xenar) which only worked on the fastest speed (I haven't exercised it often enough). It took about 6 weeks, excellent communication from Carol about status. About half the cost quoted by Grimes.
A real pleasure to do business with her.

David Karp
28-Jun-2011, 10:40
She is the bomb.

Sirius Glass
28-Jun-2011, 11:06
Well, beside that facts that she does good work and is less expensive than everyone else, her work is well worth waiting for.


28-Jun-2011, 14:18
Ditto for at least 9 repairs from ancient to modern. She is the greatest!!!! She is also one of the nicest people I've ever talked to or dealt with.

28-Jun-2011, 23:43
Right on all counts.

Carol Flutot
29-Jun-2011, 15:03
Thank you for all the kind words! :)

29-Jun-2011, 22:22
Yep She's Great in repaired my Compur 1 and communications, thanks Carol


1-Jul-2011, 06:08
Carol serviced my 101mm Optar. It came back working perfectly, and has performed flawlessly for over one year. Great communication, friendly service.