View Full Version : Licensing a photo to be used in video games

27-Jun-2011, 18:14
I hope someone can shed a little light on an issue for me.
I have an old college friend who now lives in and owns his own company based in Tokyo. It is a company that creates video games and phone apps, things like that. He recently told me that he likes some of my work, and thinks it might be suitable for some type of phone based video game he's thinking about.
Can anyone tell me anything about licensing or selling an image (or images) for something like this?
I know absolutely nothing about this type of thing. Any help/insight would be appreciated.

10-Jul-2011, 09:44

This is a good place to start, although these days they tend to be priced at the mid end of the market.

Just make sure you have a time limit on use of your images, or at least price them for xx sales. You wouldn't want to charge $10 for a game which could become the next Age of Empires or Angry Birds.

A good model in this case would be say 25c per game sold.