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27-Jun-2011, 13:36
Just developed some Adox CHS 25 Art sheet film

Used and developed this film before with no problem using a weak 1/29 solution of both developer and fixer.

This time however the stop I used was mixed to a stronger 1/19 solution (I had it already made up and forgot it was a stronger mix!).

I am wondering if this could have caused the over exposure (approx 1 full stop) of the negatives.

27-Jun-2011, 14:17
Stop bath has no effect on the density of the negatives it's purely a means of neutralising the developer, stronger or weaker will make no difference,

You need to look at the developer concentration, time & temperature and of course the camera exposure,


27-Jun-2011, 16:01
As Ian said, it will have no effect on negative density.
Also, use plain water as a stop bath; it's much gentler on your film, and works equally well.

28-Jun-2011, 01:01
Thank you for your replies...much appreciated.
I can now eliminate the stop bath as the problem and concentrate on the other areas to see where the overexposure originates from.
I have always used an acid stop bath with all the film I have used however it seems that many people have simply used water for many years with no adverse effects....Could someone tell me is the "water stop bath" simply one rinse of water to stop the developing reaction or is it necessary to rinse several times before fixing the film?
Thank you again in advance for your help.

28-Jun-2011, 01:42
Just one rinse is necessary.
For film, I use water stop bath for one minute.
For RC prints, 15-20 seconds.