View Full Version : Performance of Graphex Optar 135mm

20-Sep-2001, 23:03
I use a Apo Ronar 150mm, and a Kodak Commercial Ektar. I am thinking of buying a Optar 135mm, coated. Can anyone help me with some comments of its performance c ompared with the other lenses? THanks I dont need it for much camera movements, leaving that to my 'newer' lenses. I s hoot mainly 4x5 on Horseman LS and Sinar F1.

THanks Roland

Doug Paramore
21-Sep-2001, 13:38
Roland: The lens is a tessar formula, and can be quite sharp when stopped down. The tessar does not have great coverage like a plasmat, so you won't have a lot of room for movements, but as you state you dont need it for this lens, it should work fine. The lens should perform well from f11 to f32. The 135 is slightly wide for 4x5. Many thousands of great pictures were made with this lens.


Jim Galli
22-Sep-2001, 01:42
I've got one up on the top shelf of the cupboard and can't think of any good reason to get it out. Every time I've used it I've been underwhelmed to say the least. I've also used a 127 4.7 Ektar and DID like it for about the same $.

22-Sep-2001, 02:04
I have an 127 f4.5 Optar, coated ,off a Speed Graphic and I like it a lot even though it has some front polish marks....the 20x24's are stunning....good resolution and esp. tonality. Small lens too and real cheap! Good luck!

Doug Paramore
23-Sep-2001, 11:28
This thread show exactly why one should test individual lenses, expecially when older lenses are concerned. It is no secret that some of the older lenses varied quite a bit in sharpness, due to the way the elements were ground, how liberal the inspector was, who put them together, ect. Little things can add up to large errors in lens making.


gedward tivey
28-Oct-2001, 16:04
I've been looking for an 'affordable 135mm for my old speed graphic, and found some lens tests that may be useful. YMMV. They can be found at http://www.heavanet.com/cperez/testing.html . The graphlex Optar 4.7 stands up well against many modern lenses, but for the money, a coated Kodak WF Ektar 6.3 from the 50's era might give more bang for the buck. Many folks regard the quality control of the Kodak lenses during this time period to be quite good.