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Ted Stoddard
27-Jun-2011, 07:34

Jumped into the ULF 12x20 format now in the future I want to get the camera restored and need help on some recommendations on whose the best the camera. I believe is made by Star no name plate cant be for sure?

Any restorers that anyone recommends? I also need to find someone to finishing restoring my Kodak 2D 5x7 as the 5x7 format will be my go to instead of the 4x5 size i have been using for years plus i still shoot the 8x10

Lenses recommendations for the 12x20?

I already own a 14" KWE

I want wide angles and close up type lenses for the 12x20

I will be shooting landscape, industrial and very unique Still Lifes in studio and out in the field with it plus abstracts as well

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks Ted

Now its time to sell my almost new Shen-Hao 4x5 :D

Ted Stoddard
27-Jun-2011, 07:37
Plus any Tripod recommendations

Michael Roberts
27-Jun-2011, 12:20
there are a couple of older threads on lens recommendations for 12x20--here's one:


If you look at the "Similar Threads" list at the bottom of the page, you'll see two more.

The 450 Nikkor M you sold last Dec. is one highly recommended lens.

For tripods, as you probably know, Ries is highly recommended for ULF. I have an older Ries that works wonderfully, and only $175plus on ebay.

Congrats on your new camera--it looks great. What are the specs? Looks like front rise/fall--I suspect back tilt and swing? What's the max bellows draw and weight?

Oren Grad
27-Jun-2011, 13:09
Any restorers that anyone recommends?

Richard Ritter: http://www.lg4mat.net/

Scott --
27-Jun-2011, 13:18
It doesn't look like the circa-1930s Star Camera Manufacturing Company's cameras (http://piercevaubel.com/cam/misc/star.htm), nor does it look like the contemporary Star Camera Company's offerings (http://www.starcameracompany.com/). Not sure who made it, though... :confused: