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James Phillips
20-Sep-2001, 11:16
I've just changed the type of lens board I am using and have discovered that the new type (Nikon) permit me to use those small screws to prevent the lens from m oving. I only have one lens that has the screw but would now like to add the scr ew to all of my lenses. Could anybody tell me where I can buy these screws and a lso are they different sizes for different shutter/lens combinations ?


Charlie Stracl
20-Sep-2001, 14:24
I'd try a full-service LF dealer, such as Calumet, or a good LF lens service shop, such as S. K. Grimes http://www.skgrimes.com/.


paul owen
20-Sep-2001, 15:24
Grey Wolf, I seem to remember a posting on a previous thread that suggested that schneider keep them as spares. You might try to contact them via their web site. Regards Paul

Dave Anton
20-Sep-2001, 21:28
Grey, you could always check your local Bolt Supply House. If you show them the screw you are looking for, they will be able to match it.

Bill Glickman
21-Sep-2001, 00:57
Grey, what type of lens board did you use that allows for the use of that screw? I wish I had my Toyo boards had that feature...

James Phillips
21-Sep-2001, 08:10

I am now using the Nikon boards which I obtained from Badger Graphics. They work wonderfully, are very well made and are equal to the Linoff boards in quality.

Steve Artz
22-Sep-2001, 02:35
What shutters do your lenses have and how many screws do you need?

Bill Glickman
22-Sep-2001, 17:16
Grey, What cameras do these Nikon boards fit?

James Phillips
23-Sep-2001, 11:06
In reply to Steve's question I am looking for screws for three Copal 1 shutters as well as a single screw for a Copal 0 shutter. I guess the best idea would be to contact Mr Grimes as he seems to be the one most likely to have them.

In regards to Bill's question about the Nikon boards here are the specifications. These boards are 3 3/4 inches by 3 7/8 inches ( 96mm x 98 mm) and will fit any camera that would normally accept the Linof style boards of the same dimensions (Ebony, Wisner, Wista etc). I have seen a used Linof board that is probably for a Technika and the Nikon is both identical in design and quality. These are metal boards with the hole drilled off center and the indented edges. They also have "Nikon" in raised letters in the upper right corner. Most certainly these boards are a better buy than many of the used ones being offered on EBay. Hope this helps.


23-Sep-2001, 14:10
http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id= 005xo7