View Full Version : Need some advice on Majestic heads.

Helcio J Tagliolatto
27-Jun-2011, 06:26
Maybe a silly question, but I’ve never put my hands on one of those really big cameras.

Looking at B&H’s site I can’t decide between 3 Majestic tripod heads that should be the most adequate for 12x20” and 7x17”, old style (heavy!) cameras: 1001; 1003 and 1007.
The only difference is the support platform: 6x7”; 6x4,5” or 3x3”.

Since the biggest camera I have for now is a Tachihara 8x10”, that is supported by a Bogen 3047 head, I’m not able to decide “virtually”, by images only.
Many thanks.

David de Gruyl
27-Jun-2011, 07:19
Be aware that the majestic is geared in only one direction, and there is a bit of play in it. It works, but it is heavy and a bit sloppy.

Now, I would get the big platform (6x7). In fact, I replaced the platform on mine with that. I bought a used majestic head and a 6x7 replacement platform. It works well enough.

Noah A
27-Jun-2011, 07:35
Well, assuming the tripod mounting area on your camera(s) is large, I'd go for the largest possible platform, which would be the 6x7". The more surface area shared by the head and the camera, the better.

I used to use a majestic for 8x10 cameras. Mine was rock solid and had no play or slop.

It is, however, only geared in one direction and I found the other axis difficult to control. The panning control was somewhat annoying, since when I loosened it to rotate the camera, the camera would tilt slightly. When tightened it went back to vertical though, and it was solid.

It's a huge, heavy tripod head, though I guess that's what you'd want for the large cameras you're shooting with.

27-Jun-2011, 09:05
I use the 6X7 plateform for my 8X10 wood camera for years. It's stable, solid. Heavy to carry, so I only shoot 50 metra from my car.

Frank Petronio
27-Jun-2011, 09:25
Wedge a little wood shim into the head to keep it tight!

If you can maintain them they stay tight but older ones are usually sloppy. They can be repaired.

27-Jun-2011, 13:40
I have two Tripod heads. A big ol Gitzo and my really old Majestic. When I got it it was sloppy and 15 minutes later it was as snug as new. I use it on my 12x20 Deardorff. I never attach it on a tripod with a elevator center post. I made a round mounting plate out of 3/8 Duraluminum. This plate covers the Larger Deardorff Bed Plate. The fore / aft geared movement is very smooth and precise. The side to side tilt has a good sized lock to lock it tightly. These are just fine.

27-Jun-2011, 15:35
I have two Majestics, the one-leg-per-side and the double-leg-per-side variety, both with center posts and 6x7 platforms.

Absolutely rock solid, and a joy to use with my 8x10.

- Leigh