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Jack Rosa
18-Sep-2001, 23:23
Could anyone provide insight as to Wisner versus K.B. Canham field cameras, in t he 8x10 format? Thanks.

Stephen Vaughan
20-Sep-2001, 06:56
Jack - a quote from Keith Canham in View Camera sums it up quite well.

"...my cameras and Wisner cameras are like Lincolns and Cadillacs. People who drive and buy Cadillacs rarely buy Lincolns. Both products are top-of-the-line, but they are different."

I guess the only way to decide which one you are comfortable with is to try before you buy.

Brian Ellis
20-Sep-2001, 10:32
There was a fairly long article about the Canham 8x10 in "Photo Techniques" magazine a couple years ago, if you have access to back issues of that magazine. The author went through the analysis he made in bying the Canham as opposed to the Wisner and some other 8x10s. As you can imagine, they were personal reasons and he didn't suggest that either one was necessarily better for everybody. If you're interested, let me know and I can find the exact issue number for you.

dave bulmer
20-Sep-2001, 11:23
Jack, Brian, the article in Photo Techniques was from the March/April 1996 edition by Kim Kirkpatrick. I think he said that the difference between the two was akin to the difference between jazz and classical music, if I recall correctly. The photos of the Canham show a very beautiful camera. Regards Dave.

Ed Burlew
22-Sep-2001, 11:51
I have a Wisner Traditional , I find it easy to use and robut. I especially like the large lense board knobs on the front standard. I find it easy to set up and then lock down the standards. I have onlyone critism and that is the lack of a bail to open the film holder slot for ease of insertion< i do not hink the Canaham has that either. I make my own lense boards adn can use a 155 Grandagon by using a flat board and being just off the geared rack or bu adapting a recessed Cambo aluminum board and still being on the geared rack at infinity. The long bellow allow close work with the 600 lense with ease. So I am very satisfied. You should try both in a dry run and then decide.