View Full Version : Gandolfi Wholeplate Film Holders ??

26-Jun-2011, 08:04
I'm trying to see what is the best option for film holders for a Gandolfi Whole Plate camera with a spring back.
Did Gandolfi make film holders for this camera?
Did they make it to use the commonly available Eastman holders? I've even see Eastman wholeplate size holders made in England so maybe....?
Do the Chamonix holders work correctly in this camera?
thank you!

Oren Grad
26-Jun-2011, 08:51
Can you measure the back and post dimensions? Width of opening for holder, distance from far stop to rib lock groove, ideally T-distance of GG as well.

26-Jun-2011, 09:42
width is 7 13/16th
far stop to rib lock groove 9 3/16th
T-distance about .257
I'm not the best at measuring the depth. The glass will flex if you push at all. I read it in a few places.

Oren Grad
26-Jun-2011, 10:30
The Eastman holders I have measure ~196mm wide and ~232mm to rib lock, and should fit. The Chamonix holder sitting in my lap right now is ~198mm wide and ~235mm to rib lock, and might be a close call.

26-Jun-2011, 10:55
May I ask you to measure two more things on the Chamonix holder?
1) The distance from the end of the holder to the beginning of the image area on the flap end?
2) How wide is the rib lock ridge itself on the Chamonix holder?
thank you very much as this is really helpful.

Oren Grad
26-Jun-2011, 19:45
1) ~20mm
2) it has a slightly tapered profile, ~3mm at its base, ~2mm at its peak

27-Jun-2011, 08:21
The rib lock groove seems a little on the wide side on this camera, so maybe there is some wiggle room in regards to where the rib can fall in this camera.
Maybe a Gandolfi Whole plate owner will speak up and tell me the poop on holders for these cameras with a spring back.

29-Jun-2011, 05:48
Thank you for the help Oren!
Any Gandolfi users out there who know what holders to look for on whole plate Gandolfi cameras? Spring back.