View Full Version : what justifies such a price on a Dagor 8 1/4 ?

26-Jun-2011, 03:01
Please help me to understand what justifies such a price (≥$2750) on a Dagor 8 ¼ gold rim lens (# 120740169692) ? Is it the fact that it is a 'Barrel' Dagor ?

Another AM Goerz Optical, 8 1/4 Gold Rim Dagor Lens (this time with a synchro compur Shutter) do not go at a "buy it now price" of $1175,
an other Goerz-Dagor 8 1/4 coated (not Gold Rim nor Dot) is offersd for $525 (the IQ difference seems minimal between gold and std black version, except for collectors).

any idea ?

26-Jun-2011, 03:45
A lot of it's hype, but on the other hand Dagor's are nice usable lenses and coated versions rarer.

There are collectors, the first does appear to be a very nice lens and he's 9 bids already from two people prepared to pay that $2750 and possibly more. The seller started it at $800 so he'll be pleased.

If I had spare cash I'd buy the third, I already have a 12" coated Goerz AM Opt Dagor and that BIN price isn't outrageous, I'd try offering less to start with :D.


Walter Calahan
26-Jun-2011, 05:33
Here's an image I made with a Dagor 8-1/4, non-gold rim.


I bought it attached to a Speed Graphic decades ago. Thought I spent a lot back then. Wow have prices climbed. :eek:

karl french
26-Jun-2011, 10:34
I think something strange is going on there. Shill bidding perhaps. A week ago I just bought a non gold rim 8 1/4 inch dagor on Ebay with a serial number very close to where the gold rims start. $279 and it appeared the seller was having a hard time getting rid of it.