View Full Version : easel with border

dan nguyen
17-Sep-2001, 21:34
Hello all, Could any one recommend me a brand of easel that make printing with black border the most efficiently and precisely possible...(format up to 16x20 max...) thank s in advance..

Jim Brick
17-Sep-2001, 22:30
Go to www.calumetphoto.com and search for easel. The 11th entry down the list is a "Four blade masking easel 16x20." This is what you want. I have one, it is made by Photon Beard in England. Click on the camera to see it. I also have the wide blades kit. There is a dissertation on the site on how to make black borders with this easel. It works.

andrea milano
19-Sep-2001, 15:20
I have a Kaiser 4 blades and it is great!Dunco is also very good.Greetings