View Full Version : Topcor 90/5.6 LF lens - anyone used these?

brad cheers
15-Sep-2001, 04:59
Has anyone any experience with the Topcor 90/5.6 large format lens? A secondhand camera I'm looking at getting has this lens, and I am unable to find any info on it. It appears to have a Horseman logo on it - is it another lens rebadged as a 'Horseman Topcor' lens? If so, who made it?

15-Sep-2001, 13:47
I had just done some test shots a few days ago with the Topcor Horseman 90mm 1:5.6 against my Master Technika's Grandagon 90mm 1:4.5 for my new 6x12 roll film back, although the Tokyo Kogaku (Tokyo Optics- maker of the discontinued Topcon) barely covers the 4x5 with little movement when compared to the 105 degrees Grandagon, it does produce very sharp and contrasty images, I bought the Horseman lens new with a few others (65mm 1:7, 75mm 1:5.6, 105mm 1:4.5 and 180mm 1:5.6) for my camed Horseman 985 MF and later used them on my Horseman 45HF, remember only the ones that say Super in red will cover 4x5.

Ruud Knulst
15-Sep-2001, 17:56
In the eighties there were five (Horseman) Topcor LF lenses 90, 150, 180, 210 and 300mm. They all were real 4x5 lenses instead of the Horseman/Topcor ER series mentioned by the former contributer. The specifications of the LF 90mm are, image circle 236mm@f22 (105 dgr) and 154mm@f5.6 (81dgr).

brad cheers
18-Sep-2001, 10:30
Thanks for the help - instead of that camera I've just lined up a Horseman 6x12 back instead. I'll also keep hunting for a 90mm f8 Nikkor...