View Full Version : Is there a "Short Rail" For a Toyo G?

24-Jun-2011, 15:23
I have a Toyo G. I have two of the extension rails, and one center rail.

I'd like to make the camera more "backpackable". I was thinking about cutting one of the extension rails short, so that I could keep the camera on that, and then attaching the center rail if I need more length.

Just thinking this through though, that would mean I'd lose the screw from the extension rail.

Any thoughts about this? Was there ever a short rail made for the G's?

24-Jun-2011, 16:28
The fixed 125mm rail for the Toyo VX125, or the fancier 125-250mm telescoping rail would be usable, but I've not seen them on the used market.


24-Jun-2011, 21:25
Hate to get out the ol' hacksaw on one of these...

24-Jun-2011, 21:47
Was there ever a short rail made for the Gs?

Im pretty sure Toyos shortest is the 150mm rail (in the G/GX/GB styles).

I recall their web site is comprehensive about accessories it might be worth checking.

25-Jun-2011, 16:18
man, new TOYO stuff is not cheap. I guess that's what it was like in 1999?

26-Jun-2011, 16:46
A few weeks ago, I brought in a Toyo G rail, and an Omega rail to my local camera shop so as not to leave them in the car.
While I was waiting for the sales guy to find something for me, I looked at a Sinar P he had mounted for display, and tried the Omega rail (which is interchangeable with Toyo rails) on the Sinar standards.
They appeared to fit perfectly, though I didn't stay long to give it a real try.
What I'm saying is maybe you can try a small Sinar (6") rail, which is much cheaper than a similar Toyo rail, on the Toyo G.
It should work, as far as mounting the standard on to the rail; whether it will screw into a Toyo rail as well is anybody's guess.
If anybody has both systems, let us know if it works.

Update: another member, who owned both systems, has told me this will not work.

27-Jun-2011, 15:28
I'm wondering if SK Grimes could shorten a rail for me.

27-Jun-2011, 15:46
The basic Toyo G rail has a fixed end cap and a thread at the other end. Cut the rail to the desired length, measuring from the threaded side. Cut off the fixed end cap from the other part and superglue it to the part that you want, with the flat part contacting the rail. Or you can simply glue a piece of solid wood. Probably take an hour...


27-Jun-2011, 16:39
Toyo does have 150mm and 250mm extension rails for their G series cameras:

A few years ago I purchased a 250mm (10') black extension from KEH. IIRC it was pricey but it works on the ROBOS and 810G.