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23-Jun-2011, 15:36
Hi guys, I have a chamonix 45-n1 with focus issues that do not seem related to the whole fresnel situation. I've tried it without the fresnel, and with 3 different GGs and I'm still getting wonky focus. The focus has been off stopped all the way down to f/22, with all three of the lenses I have. The focus seems to be closer to the camera than what I have actually focuses on with a 8x loupe. Do any of you know of someone who can repair this problem and put the camera back in spec? I don't feel comfortable trying to fix this myself!


Daniel Stone
23-Jun-2011, 15:40
send it back to Chamonix, most likely the spring back thickness(distance to film plane) wasn't machined correctly, and is either too thin, or too thick.


Richard Rankin
23-Jun-2011, 15:42
I believe that Richard Ritter also does this kind of repair.

23-Jun-2011, 16:17
Before you send it off to anyone get the register measured and see how close it is to the ISO standard. I don't know it offhand but it's easy to look up.

It's Chamonix who need to sort out the problem if it's out, they should send you a new back FOC.


Ken Lee
23-Jun-2011, 16:53
It might help if you mention your general location.

23-Jun-2011, 17:11
It might help if you mention your general location.

Indeed it might- I'm located in the southeastern USA.

Frank Petronio
23-Jun-2011, 17:16
precisioncameraworks.com Bob Watkins in Chicago... although he may not like wooden cameras, he would be very "precise".

23-Jun-2011, 22:54
Chamonix will fix it fast. Get in touch with them.