View Full Version : Linhof Technar 4X5 wide angle hand held?

Mark Nowaczynski
21-Oct-2001, 12:52
This uncommon camera accepts wide and ultra wide angle lenses (down to 47mm) for hand held 4X5 shooting and is substantially lighter than the Technika. Has any one used this camera for hand held shooting? Would it not be a nice camera to complement a Technika allowing the use of very wide angle lenses without movements?

Bob Salomon
21-Oct-2001, 12:57
The Technar camera is out of production, out of factory stock and only available used.

It was quite limited compared to a Technika as both can be hand held, the 2000 uses lenses from 35mm up and the technika does not require special lenses in special helical mounts so cost for lenses are quite a bit less for the Technika.

Additionally the Technika can be used with movements when requored, as well as for close up or macro or with long lenses.

Walter Glover
22-Oct-2001, 09:17

Bob is correect about the advantages of the MT 2000 - I use it day in and day out with the 47mm & 58mm as sort of standards but I can just as easily put on a 110mm or anything up to 600mm Nikkor-T.

I frequently hand-hold the Master Technika when in rushed situatiions (a fast breaking storm, etc.) or shooting from cherry-pickers or inclinators. Caution!! Don't try using a bellows camera, hand-held or otherwise, from a Helicopter - the downdraught will get you every time.


Scott Walton
22-Oct-2001, 09:39
I use the Tech V out of a helicopter with a 150mm ALOT and never have any problems ever!

Steve Daniels
30-Oct-2001, 09:31
My experience with Techs and other bellows cameras are that even if the bellows aren't ripped off of the camera itself (I have heard of this happening), the suction caused by the wind effect on the bellows can suck the film away from the film plane, resulting in soft images (especially in the center). I use a Cambo Wide for this reason, and keep the bellows cameras on the ground. Medium format cameras with bellows (RB, RZ, etc.) have the same problem.