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23-Jun-2011, 11:08
I'm looking to get a new tripod am not sure whether to get a ball head or a pan/tilt. What is everyone using? I'm not looking for anything ultra expensive, but not anything cheap either. I've been looking at Benro, but am open to any other suggestions.

Richard Wasserman
23-Jun-2011, 11:15
I really dislike ball heads with large format—I find them too fiddly. I am a big fan of the Bogen 410 geared head and highly recommend it, if it is in your price range.

23-Jun-2011, 11:34
What kind of camera do you have, is tripod weight a big factor, and what is the budget?

I use Feisol tripods, a smaller one for an Arca 4x5 along with an Arca Swiss Z1 ball head and a larger Feisol tripod with a Gitzo pan-tilt head for a Wehman 8x10.

23-Jun-2011, 11:36
What camera do you want to put on there? Your needs will be very important to choosing a tripod head you are happy with. A 4x5, 8x10 and 14x17 needs very different heads. Also, how do you intend to use it? If you are climbing mountains with your gear, you might want a light ballhead. Such a head would be a pain to work with in a studio.

Richard Wasserman
23-Jun-2011, 11:51
You guys are so reasonable, and ask such germane questions....

I use the Bogen 410 with 4x5 cameras.

23-Jun-2011, 11:56
I have an Omega 45D. I would like to spend around $300 for both legs and head. I don't really care about weight all that much.

23-Jun-2011, 11:59
I guess geared head is best for LF. There are ultra fantastic heads from Linhof (http://www.linhof.de/news-1_e.html) and Arca (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/631006-REG/Arca_Swiss_8501000_C1_Cube_Geared_Head.html) but i think they are simply an overkill. Depending on the weight of your camera Best choice would be Manfrotto / Bogen 400, 405 or 410 (where 400 is the most capable and 410 is the least) or Majestic geared heads. I would go for second hand Majestics.

23-Jun-2011, 12:11
The budget is the main limitation. You might have to decide to put most of the money into either the tripod or the head and sacrifice a little on the other. Your budget probably a precludes carbon fiber tripod.

If buying used, you will probably end up buying a Bogen/Manfrotto tripod because they are very common and get the job done. Then you can put more money in the tripod head.

From what I have seen, the Majestic tripods are rock solid but you might have to upgrade the shocks in your car because they seem to be filled with concrete.

You might consider a Berlebach or Zone VI tripod used. I used to have a Berlebach and it was excellent. They are both wood tripods.

23-Jun-2011, 12:21
For your budget here is a good combo: