View Full Version : Liquid Light fixing

David Woods
22-Jun-2011, 23:02

To fix liquid light, they say you have to use a hardening fixer, is this the case?


23-Jun-2011, 12:02
It's a good idea - the emulsion is much softer than commercial papers, and can be easily damaged. Wet time should be minimized. That's also why they don't recommend stop - just straight from develop to fix. Temperatures should be kept down too, as the emulsion will start to come off the paper if too warm.
That said, if you want to tone, it's best not to use hardening fixer - just be very careful. You can harden later.

David Woods
23-Jun-2011, 14:54
Thanks Bruce

Emil Schildt
24-Jun-2011, 15:48
it all depends....

I search all the time for non hardening fix for my LE...

(most fixers I know do harden)

I want to have the possibillity to work on the print later (toning-manipulations, and especially for bromoil printing.)

David Woods
24-Jun-2011, 18:16
So it really doesn't matter if I use a hardening or non hardening fixer, the pictures will eventually hang from the ceiling, though out my house?