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22-Jun-2011, 09:29
I'm looking for a 5x7 for sale. I can not get into the for sale section yet. wondering if anybody can help me out.



22-Jun-2011, 12:50
There always seem to be some older ones for sale on ebay.

22-Jun-2011, 13:06
Got mine from the auction site as well

22-Jun-2011, 14:27
Kodak no.33's are pretty cheap on ebay, got mine for like $125 with a lens (which might be worth more than the camera).

Mine needed new bellows. The camera has relatively minimal movements. I believe the camera was designed to do 2 3.5x5 sheets on one 5x7 negative. My bellows were designed to do 5x7, but I'm not sure if the original bellows are or not.

Anyway, there are a lot of pretty cheap, beat up 5x7 cameras on ebay usually. More than here (most stuff here is ready to roll and more expensive).

22-Jun-2011, 14:44
There weren't that many dedicated 5x7 respectively 13x18cm cameras built/sold in recent (i.e. the past 40) years, the format mostly survived in the shape of add-on kits for 4x5 or 8x10 cameras. If you want something affordable post 1970, you might want to pick up a 4x5 camera and add a 5x7 bellows, frame (or standard) and back - sinar and Plaubel 5x7 kits (or bits and pieces from the same) turn up far more frequently on ebay than ready-to-use 5x7 cameras.

22-Jun-2011, 15:04
I just got an Eastman 33a on ebay in very nice usable condition, but I paid just over $200 (impulsive). As Sully75 says, minimal movements, but it serves me very well and I believe it is lighter than the Shen Hoa 4X5 I sold a while back.

22-Jun-2011, 15:26
Ansco 5x7's are a good value for the money. While heavier than others, it may not be the best for backpacking. They are well built, with plenty of movements and options for reducer backs. Mine has 5x7, 4x5 and split 5x7 (3.5ish x 5).
If you're lookin to get in on the cheap and you don't need much for movements, check out the self-casing Senecas and Poco models available on the famous (or infamous!) auction site.

Jim Galli
22-Jun-2011, 15:33
I have a complete, nice, Eastman 2D with or without lens, as required. PM me if more info wanted. Jim

Greg Y
22-Jun-2011, 17:22
Ebay always has a few. Some new ones Chamonix horizontal or Shen Haofrom about $1400. Watch the classified on here & APUG.....put up a WTB ad. I've been using my '38 Deardorff for almost 10 years now, came with both 5x7 & 4x5 backs. 5x7 is a wonderful format!....Oops....& as noted above Jim Galli & his little green men always has something.....still using a 150 gclaron I got from him....

22-Jun-2011, 20:06
I would say though if you are just trying LF for the first time, you might be better serves with a 4x5. I started with a 5x7 and it was a lot more work tracking down film, film holders, cameras, lenses, etc. There are a lot of great, cheap 4x5 cameras out there. You have to start with mistakes, so, better to start cheap and then you can wait and snipe your dream camera.

Waiting for my 5x7 toyo back to materialize for my toyo g. I know there are some out there!

20-Jul-2011, 16:41

I have a B&J 5x7 flat bed with a 5x7 & 4x5 back and #1 lensboard for sale.
Bellows need simple pinhole repair.
PM me if interested.

21-Jul-2011, 01:24
I'm looking for a 5x7 for sale. I can not get into the for sale section yet. wondering if anybody can help me out.



Thinking of visiting the UK?
I have an immaculate 5x7 Sinar Norma with extra rails but sadly no reduction back, all in a humungous purpose-built box:
I bought it years ago for a bigtime architectural shoot, and thought I might strap a 6x17 back onto it, but plans went in a different direction so it has sat unused for many years waiting for an outing....

No idea what kind of price, make me an offer?
wanna come and see it?