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Sal Santamaura
15-Oct-2001, 15:48
Anticipating the imminent demise of my ISP (Qwest), I've subscribed to EarthLink . My new email address is shown below. Tuan advises that the software affords him no mechanism for globally replacinging my old address - - bc_hill@qwestinter net.net - - in these archives. This posting seems like the most practical way t o let everyone know about the change. Otherwise, I'd have to examine the entire archive, looking for my old postings, and add a similar message to each thread that I've contributed to!

The old address will probably remain active for another month or so, but I'll on ly be checking it infrequently.

Alec Jones
15-Oct-2001, 16:09
Who cares?

Sal Santamaura
15-Oct-2001, 16:29
Clearly not you, Alec. In the past I've found myself wanting to contact folks who posted things to archived threads. Sometimes doing this results in undeliverable messages. Just trying to preclude that problem for anyone who might want to contact me in a similar situation. Thanks so much for your civility Alec.

16-Oct-2001, 01:32

Don't take it to heart: There are a few smart alecs on any forum!


Sean Yates
16-Oct-2001, 10:24
Take heart, Sal, maybe if you get lucky, Alec will start watching you like he does me!

Sal Santamaura
16-Oct-2001, 11:18
Graeme and Sean: thanks! The "politeness afterglow" following September 11 seemed to last only a few weeks on the highways in my area. Things are (unfortunately) back to 'normal' now both on the road and forums.

I started this thread in the "Announcements" category, and hope others start similar threads if their email addresses change. It's a relatively unpopulated category and, should anyone get a bounced message, would be easy to use for finding updated addresses.