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20-Jun-2011, 23:27
I have a 5x7" Large Format Camera from the 1920's. It is in brilliant condition and everything works fine, but I don't have a lens for it yet. Is it possible to mount a new lens onto the camera? (I did see a man at the tennis earlier this year with a Box Brownie which had a 70-20mm Canon lens on it). Also the camera has an in built shutter which works with the use of a bump.

20-Jun-2011, 23:40
Yes. You can mount any lens to it. Look for a 180mm-210mm lens in a shutter. They will cover 5x7. Check key.com. Any in a copal shutter will do you fine.

21-Jun-2011, 02:39
I think eddie means keh.com :D

The beauty of older cameras is you can fit whatever lenses you like, it's simple & cheap to make new lens boards.


Frank Petronio
21-Jun-2011, 05:38
You don't need a Canon L lens, you can get by with a consumer-grade lens on such an old camera.

21-Jun-2011, 10:19
You can get some cool effects using old uncoated lenses as well, so don't overlook the old ones. They can been nice to have as well and cheap.

Drew Bedo
21-Jun-2011, 10:35
I'ne got a "modern" 210mm Rodenstock on my 8x10 format 1930-ish 2-D. Works for me.

21-Jun-2011, 18:56
Make sure the batteries are compatible. ;)

Kent in SD