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robert lyons
4-Sep-2001, 21:23
hi i am hoping to get some feedback on the differences of 150mm lens especially between sironar-n and fuji in terms of contrast and color. i have for many years shot with a fuji 6x9 camera and recently got a tk23 and began using it with the 150mm sironar-n. i immediately noticed a difference on contrast and color, of course i expected the color differenc but the increased contrast is a bit too much. i typically shoot 400 asa color negative film and do all my own printing. i am considering possibly a nikkor lens,or gold-dot dagor but am open to suggestion. the fuji lens is an early 1990 ebc lens against which i am making the comparison. any insight will be appr

John W.
5-Sep-2001, 11:14
You may want to look at this thread:


Keep in mind that there is no hard data that I know of on lens color--only opinions, which vary widely and frequently contradict each other.