View Full Version : Kodak eastman 2d 5x7

alex from holland
20-Jun-2011, 10:34
A long time ago i bought myself a kodak eastman 2d 5x7.
As i went to bigger plates i am not going to use it for sure.
it needs some small wood restauration and the leather bellows have 4-5 holes at the corners.
It is complete with an extention rail and 3 plateholders.

my question is. Does anyone knows the value of such a camera ???



Ken Lee
20-Jun-2011, 11:10
I have 2 of them. I bought one at a local auction for around US $250. I bought another one on eBay for around US $150.00 (I can't remember the exact amount).

The more expensive one needed repairs, while the cheaper one was useable as-is. Go figure, as they say.

That being said, the camera is wonderful for 90% of applications, especially field work, or when you need something to carry in a bag over your shoulder, because it is rather light. It provides enough extension to shoot a 450mm Fujinon C at closer than infinity, and even with a vintage lens, has the enormous resolving power of 5x7. I prefer it over 4x5 especially for landscape work, because the 35% improvement in resolution is really welcome: you can use lenses that are 35% worse or make prints that are 35% larger, or avoid purchasing an expensive scanner.

20-Jun-2011, 13:19
I think mine cost about USD230. Very nice camera.

20-Jun-2011, 14:01
I think that I paid about $250 for mine last year plus S&H. Pretty good condition but it needs some wood work. I just paid $30/each for some lens boards, and $25 for a new ground glass.
Nice camera.

20-Jun-2011, 23:55
185$. eBay. With ext rail and tripod block

21-Jun-2011, 21:15
$120 but I had to do a complete restoration including refinishing the wood and making a new bellows.
It's a really nice camera now.