View Full Version : 110XL on Linhof Tech IV ?

Don Hall
14-Oct-2001, 17:05
Does anyone know if the Schneider 110XL will focus with any room to spare on a L inhof Tech IV with a flat lensboard ?

Jim Brick
14-Oct-2001, 17:12
My Schneider 120 Super Symmar HM worked perfectly on my Technika with a flat lensboard with plenty of focus track to spare. I believe that the 110 should work just as well as it will be back only 1/2 inch from where the 120 was.

Bob Salomon
14-Oct-2001, 20:54

But any lens in a 0 shutter around that focal length is better off in the 001016 recessed board.

Jim Brick
14-Oct-2001, 21:22
I don't agree. Recessed lensboards are a royal pain. Anytime you can avoid them you are much better off. They are expensive and very fiddly, even with a 0 shutter. Unless you have very very tiny fingers and periscope eyes. Hard to see in the recess to set the shutter speed if you are in the shadows. Everything is simply cramped-up and semi-accessible.

From the voice of much experience!

Kerry L. Thalmann
14-Oct-2001, 21:30
"But any lens in a 0 shutter around that focal length is better off in the 0010 16 recessed board."

But, alas, the 110mm Super Symmar XL is in a #1 shutter.

14-Oct-2001, 23:54
And Bob's education continues...

Paul Schilliger
15-Oct-2001, 03:41
Don't know about the Tech IV, but no problem on Tech V.

Bob Salomon
15-Oct-2001, 04:57
The 90 4.5 is also in 1 shutter and it works just fine on a flat noard.