View Full Version : cycle poco no 5 still usable?

19-Jun-2011, 05:58

I have seen several of these fine small camera's, but I'm wondering if normal 4*5 inch cassettes will be usable? Or do they need to be fitted with a new film holder?

any help is welcome



19-Jun-2011, 06:26
I've had good luck with several Seneca cameras from that period being compatible with standard 4x5 and 5x7 holders. I can't say for certain about the Pocos. I do know that if you're patient about what you buy, you can be selective in options. They are plentiful.
Try to find the ones that come with holders. These plate holders sometimes include film sheaths. Make sure they're included if you can't source them elsewhere. When offered in a carrying case, 3 holders seems to be the common number. This would usually be the complete kit.

Steven Tribe
19-Jun-2011, 08:24
I have the Poco cycle no. 1 which has movements in both directions at the back. The standard modern (?) fidelity type 4x5 fits OK and the distance to the focal plane / ground glass seems about right. The film holder sits quite secure when in position but in and out has to be done with great care as there is no over-engineering anywhere!