View Full Version : 4x5 Tungsten film

J Maxwell
17-Jun-2011, 20:31
Have Fuji and Kodak both completely abandoned tungsten film? I'm unable to locate any anywhere. In lieu of tungsten, what's the best film for color nighttime cityscape shots? Thanks!

Daniel Stone
17-Jun-2011, 21:06
YES, both Fuji and Kodak have discontinued 4x5 tungsten-balanced film.

I use Provia for pretty much everything now I shoot in color, and it works great for long exposures too. Very little problems with reciprocity up to about 10min. Some might have more info than I do, I haven't done any "testing" however... But then again, my longest exposure in a "normal" situation is about 5s, and this is in open shade ;)


J Maxwell
17-Jun-2011, 22:17
Many thanks, Dan. This information is greatly appreciated :) Just too bad about the demise of these wonderful film. Are we now counting down the months until it's all gone forever?! :mad:

18-Jun-2011, 00:11
Retail stores in my Seattle area – such as the well known Glazers – had recently been selling-off their final stocks of Quickload boxes, and in every case, the last boxes have been Fuji Tungsten-64. The dated film, moreover, had been selling at a healthy discount. Around here, seems to have been the last type of QL film photographers wanted. It’s my favorite landscape film when an 85b filter is added; you can see several examples of mine, including a recent post to the Flowers Anyone thread. Maybe you can find some of these final boxes in your area. BTW, boxes here also still pop-up on CL.