View Full Version : Technika rangefinder cam/lens board compatibility

17-Jun-2011, 09:06
I feel like this is a dumb question, but I don't really know the details of the rangefinder's mechanics, and I haven't been able to find an answer.

I'm looking at a 150mm Symmar-S to replace my Technika V's convertible Symmar that has bad fungus and questionable shutter speeds. This comes with a recessed lens board. Will my old 150mm cam work properly with this, or will I have to get a new one? Similarly, if I purchase a pre-made 90mm cam, should I expect it to work with my Super-Angulon on a recessed board?

It seems like it shouldn't be that easy, but maybe it is?

Bob Salomon
17-Jun-2011, 09:55
No, the cam has to be cut to the specific lens, by serial number, for it to track properly at all distances. Camming is done by Marflex who is the USA factory service center for Linhof and they can help you best. You can reach them at 252 652-4401.

The cam does not care if the lens is in a flat or a receesed board. That is adjuted by the proper positioning of the infinity stops. However it is important that they be properly positioned as the screw in the stop has a point that digs into the chrome rails that they sit on. If you position them incorrectly and move them to a different point on the rail you will leave small pits in the chrome that can not be removed. This is one sign of someone using a cam that was not cut properly for the specific lens. They try to move the stops to compensate and the chrome rails end of with a series of pits.

So no. Cams are cut by service for the specific lens. Pre-cut cams will not function properly at all distances.

Why don't you look at current designs rather then old ones? With the 90mm SA XL, the original version did not fit through the hole in the front standard. Schneider redesigned the lens so the rear ring that does not fit can be removed. then it will fit but the rear element is unprotected if the lens is placed on a surface rear element down, without the ring.