View Full Version : Show of Kenro Izu in NYC

michael waldron
10-Oct-2001, 22:39
This weekend I visited the Kenro Izu show in the Greenberg gallery at 120 Wooste r in Soho in NYC. This show is of 'sacred places' all taken with a 14x20 view c amera, contact printed platinum prints. He is really a master printer, and the fact that he carried the outfit to amazing places (Tibet, Angkor Wat, Egypt) and took beautiful photos is truly amazing. I highly recommend this show. They we re also showing some similarly printed still lives which were also fantastic. I f anyone has seen the show or his work, I would be interested in your thoughts.

11-Oct-2001, 02:09
Hi Michael, How long is the show going for? I'll be in the city Nov.1st and hope to catch it then. Bye now, Emile

11-Oct-2001, 19:06
Absolutely the best prints I've ever seen. He is truely a master. Travels to the furthest destinations with 300 lbs of gear.

Steve Wiley
12-Oct-2001, 23:28
Beautiful work and amazing prints. There's always a good show at the Howard Greenberg gallery. Nice Giocomelli (sp?) down the hall at 292, also.