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31-Aug-2001, 02:22
I was wondering what is the best way to keep a 25year old Linhof 2x3 bellows int act and supple.I'ts in fine condition now and I want to keep it that way as long as possible. Would it need to be oiled or treated in any way periodically to ma intain current condition? Thanks, E.D.L.

Brian Ellis
31-Aug-2001, 08:19
Bob Solomon or someone can undoubtedly answer this better that I can but, FWIW, the first step is to determine what material your bellows is made of. I believe Linhof switched from leather to synthetic at some point but I'm not sure when and for what cameras. The type of material will govern the treatment, if any. I have read that Armorall, which purports to preserve both leather and vinyl, isn't good for camera bellows because it tends to cause the stitching to deteriorate.

Bob Salomon
31-Aug-2001, 08:29
Linhof service is 973 808 9626. Ask them. BTW, how do you know it is 25 years old?

31-Aug-2001, 23:14
...it's a tech V 2x3 #5031129...I'm just estimating.