View Full Version : Speed Graphic focal plane shutter release

16-Jun-2011, 08:34
Anyone use a plunger style shutter release for their focal plane shutter? Mine seems to require a considerable amount of pressure and I can't get it to trip in a reliable fashion. Before I open it up I thought I'd ask if this condition is typical and if it can be adjusted.


16-Jun-2011, 08:52
hi matt

it might take a long throw release ..
mine is hard to release too ... so i just do it by hand
without the cable ...

16-Jun-2011, 09:18
Thats what im doing right now--on my travel tripod I seem to shake the dickens out of the thing--Im working on my technique--we'll see if its a factor. I'm not sure it will make a difference with the petzval I'm using. the lens will probably induce more character than 1/30 with a shake and a tremble.