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Dave Tolcher
6-Oct-2001, 03:34
I have got to the point where I am going to buy a pre-load solution and wanted t o check that I have got this straight before parting with hard earned cash. I ta ke mainly B & W landscape with a vague possibility of taking colour one day. I u se Kodak colour film on 35mm and like it. Current film for 120 B & W is Ilford b ut equally happy with Kodak - no experience with TMaX only Tri-X or Plus-X. I li ve in the UK. I see my options as:-

1) Buy a kodak holder B & W film limited to TMax or TriX. Would need to buy a ve rsion 4 holder or the new single sheet holder. Pre V4 wont work well with the ne w single sheet film and with the track record of these holders should definitely buy the latest available ! 2) Buy a polaroid 545 holder which accepts both polaroid film and either variety of readyload from Kodak or Fuji. Possibly less reliable (light leaks?) and may have issues with film flatness but a lot of people appear to use them successful ly. If this route - which 545 holder or doesnt it matter ? 3) Fuji holder is not an option as B & W film is not available in the UK - could be ordered from overseas but not a reliable method.

You can see I am leaning to buying a Kodak holder unless there is a strong case for buying polaroid instead.



Gavin Walker
6-Oct-2001, 07:45
Where did you read that you can get Tri-X in ReadyLoads? According to Kodak's site (http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/products/films/ready load/ordering.jhtml), the only B&W film they provide in ReadyLoads is T-MAX 100.

Dave Tolcher
6-Oct-2001, 08:45
Sorry - must have had a brain aberration this morning or dreaming anyway. I cant get Tri-X in readyloads.


Pete Watkins
6-Oct-2001, 13:26
Dave, Teamwork in London import Fuji B&W readyload film packs, but they ain't cheap. Pete