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15-Jun-2011, 09:20
Well thanks to guys on this forum I learned a lot about Shen Hao cameras. Now I'm on to Chamonix. Those cameras look even better. How do you get on a waiting list for one.
Thanks, Larry

SW Rick
15-Jun-2011, 09:24
Contact Hugo Zhang, who's based in California and handles orders etc for Chamonix.

hugoz_2000 at yahoo.com

evan clarke
15-Jun-2011, 10:24
I have a couple of Shen Hao cameras and an 11x14 Chamonix, I love this thing:) ..Evan Clarke

evan clarke
15-Jun-2011, 10:29
There is a Chamonix 4x5 for sale in the classifieds..

15-Jun-2011, 18:48
Thanks guys, really appreciate it.
Thanks, Larry