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14-Jun-2011, 07:37
Just bought a lovely 14in Commercial Ektar from a member here but apart from B, T and the slowest speeds, the No. 5 Universal Synchro shutter is hopeless and sometimes it's reluctant to fully close (something the member neglected to tell me). Seems I'm going to find it hard to find a shutter expert here in Europe, can anyone recommend a person across the pond, and any ideas how much it might cost?

14-Jun-2011, 10:01
Actually, the seller as well as another member here have suggested I just soak the mechanism in white spirits/Ronson lighter fluid as it's probably old gunk that's causing the sticky shutter.

Jon Shiu
14-Jun-2011, 10:34
If the shutter blades are not metal, it is usually not recommended to dunk the thing in lighter fluid. If you do try it, let us know what happens.


14-Jun-2011, 10:45
The blades look metal to me Jon, just need to find a watch repairer or someone handy to do it as there's no way I'll attempt this myself.

14-Jun-2011, 12:54
S.K. Grimes in Woonsocket, RI did a CLA on mine and it's running smoothly again.
I recently sent a pair of Ilex #5 shutters to Frank Marshman @ Camera Wiz in Harrisonburg, VA. Frank bought up the last of Ilex stock, so he is as good a source as any for replacement springs if needed.
With shutters of this size and age, it's almost impossible that speeds will be accurate across the whole range. If you have a preference, make it known before they start. I want my synchro shutters to be accurate on the fast side for use with strobes. My other shutter with no flash sync is set to be more accurate on the slow speeds for use in available light.

15-Jun-2011, 15:06
Try Carol Miller at Flutots. She did a great Job on my 101mm optar and loves old shutters.

15-Jun-2011, 15:09
Ditto for Carol. She is fantastic and very, very reasonable on price.

16-Jun-2011, 02:23
Thank you all for your suggestions, will first go the white spirits route and see how much that helps.