View Full Version : Horseman View - Recessed Lensboard Needed?

13-Jun-2011, 09:37
I have a Horseman 4x5 View Camera and want to use a Calumet Caltar Pro Series 75mm wide angle lens. Do I have to use a recessed lens board or will a regular flat lensboard work?


Jim Michael
13-Jun-2011, 10:47
Which model? I have a Horseman (45 something, don't recall) monorail and a 75 Fujinon is usable at infinity if the standards are oriented so that the thinnest parts face each other, with use of bag bellows.

13-Jun-2011, 19:19
I believe it's model L45.

>>> Jim

18-Jun-2011, 13:07
For a Horseman 450 they claim the flange-back-to-film-plane to be 60mm minimum with the bag bellows (80mm minimum with standard bellows). I presume they mean with a flat board but it is not specifically stated.