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13-Jun-2011, 08:43
Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if your combined expertise can help me identify a camera from a lousy picture.

The seller says it's a Kodak type C-1. I'll leave it at that, though it's entirely possible that this is incorrect.

It appears to have a film holder that looks 8x10" to me.

Anyways, help would be much appreciated. I'm going to talk to the seller, but I'm always fond of a 2nd opinion...

Jon Shiu
13-Jun-2011, 08:50
C-1 would be a military version of Kodak 2D. From the size of the clock, it does look like 8x10.


13-Jun-2011, 09:11
Thanks Jon,

Ok, well I'm buying it! It's obvious that the seller is clueless about cameras, but I think I'm getting a solid deal on it.

I'll report back and we'll see how good you are... ;)

13-Jun-2011, 09:54
Any idea what lens would have come standard on this camera? Again, the seller wasn't particularly helpful over the phone, and that's ok, it's part of the fun (I guess). He said "there's a bunch of numbers" and "Kodak #4". Also, from what he said it sounds like the max. aperture was f/6.5 but from what I can find online f/6.3 is more common and would make more sense. I should've asked him what numbers come before two little "m"'s.

13-Jun-2011, 10:12
There probably isn't a standard lens. It looks like an 8x10 camera, and a film holder and lens do increase the value some. If the lens's shutter is working too slow or gummed up, that could cost $100 or more to have restored, so keep that in mind. You'll have to have it in hand before guessing a value for a lens from someone without any clue or good photos. The #4 is probably an ilex or betax #4 shutter.

13-Jun-2011, 10:18
The whole package (camera, lens, film holder, Gralab timer, trays & even some chemicals & paper) is $50. I'm really hoping that the "paper" is actually film.

If it's in good condition, that will be awesome. But if not, I can probably part it out for a profit or at the very least break even.

Jon Shiu
13-Jun-2011, 10:48
That's a great deal. A Kodak lens could be a Portrait, Wide field Ektar, Ektar or Anastigmat, and may or may not have the coverage needed for 8x10.


14-Jun-2011, 11:55
Ok, you guys were right on the money. It's a Kodak C-1, 2-D View Camera with a Wollensak Velostigmat f/4.5 8-1/4" Series II lens in a Betax #4 shutter.

Overall it's in very fine shape. The leather handle is missing and so is the brass piece at the top of the front standard. Other than that, it looks complete. Some of the gears slip, worst of all is the front rise/fall. Overall though, a beautiful old camera.

Also came with some old Agfa Paper & Chemistry (copy proof, CPTNa & CPTA & CP294b chemistry), 2 film holders (1 fidelity and 1 old kodak) and a Gralab timer.

Definitely worth $50 :D I'll probably end up selling it to finance a 4x5" press camera.

Thanks for your help guys; I might've passed up a killer deal without your help.

Sirius Glass
14-Jun-2011, 12:16
They are right because they get the big bucks here!