View Full Version : Using longer lenses on 8x10?

rich caramadre
13-Jun-2011, 08:23
I'm curious how many of you use longer lenses on 8x10. I'm wandering about lenses in the 19 to 24 inch range. On my 4x5/5x7 deardorff I regularly use my 360mm and occasionally my 19" artar. I recently picked up a TR convertible and have been messing around with the 19 and 25 inch elements on my 8x10 and I'm finding it to be a completely different experience.


Peter Gomena
13-Jun-2011, 08:39
I owned a Wollensak convertible Raptar, 13, 20, 25.5". It was a good, sharp lens. I loved the 20" focal length. If I still used 8x10, I might want a 19" lens. I found the longest focal length a real pain to try to use with front movements. My arms weren't long enough to reach the front of the camera, nose against ground glass, impossible to see what I was doing. It was quite sharp in the 20" mode, using a #15 yellow filter to cut chromatic aberration. Using the 25.5" length in the field was also difficult because my old Korona was pretty shaky with that much extension.

Peter Gomena

13-Jun-2011, 09:10
600mm fujinon but it's always windy when i need to use it. I'll make some movements on he front of the camera but most on the back since they're easier to reach.

Diane Maher
13-Jun-2011, 09:17
I frequently use either a 600 mm Fuji or the 646 mm option for my Cooke XVa.

rich caramadre
13-Jun-2011, 11:38
So what I was noticing was how shallow the DOF is with the 25". When shooting at those longer lengths are you shooting a scene which is farther away or (zooming) in on a subject?

Peter Gomena
14-Jun-2011, 21:51
Yes, at 25" DOF is really slim. I used my long conversion for distant subjects.

Peter Gomena