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tim atherton
24-Jun-2001, 16:45
I know bag and cases questions are an old perrenial - and I have looked at the a rchives, but...

Does anyone have any ideas for a decent case for my 8x10 Dorf other than going o ut and blowing $200-300 on a Pelican, Tundra, Lightware etc (which I would rathe r spend on film!)

I'm thinking along the lines of a case that will get thrown in the care rather t han carried long distances. Any further than 200 yards and I will just use my ol d mountaineering backpack for everything.


Tim A

Dave Willison
24-Jun-2001, 17:29

Check out the following link:


There is a discussion about cases and links to several manufacturers. You might also look at the AWB site located at filmholders.com. Among other things, they also make camera cases. I hate to confess but I normally rely on Walmart as my supplier for cases! For about $25 you can get a lightweight nylon cooler to fit practically any LF camera. Many come with a solid ABS interior that, combined with a little foam rubber padding, provides good protection for the kind of work you are talking about. I use a large bag to carry a 5x7 Kodak 2d on short trips. The bag is large enough to hold the camera fully extended (focused on infinity) with a lens allready mounted. This means that I spend little or no time setting up the camera, attracting attention, etc. I would not suggest taking your Deardorf overseas in an Igloo cooler, but it works great on short trips! Hope this helps.


Doug Paramore
24-Jun-2001, 18:38
Tim: A while back one of our regulars on this forum mentioned finding a tool box or equipment box at a home center for about $25 or so that worked great for him. There are numerous big boxes and cases available which will serve your purpose well without spending your childrens' inheritance. As long as it works, it doesn't matter what the case was intended for. Incidentally, I bought a great wooden case for my 8x10 at a flea market. No idea what it used to hold.


David R Munson
24-Jun-2001, 22:29
I actually picked up a Pelican 1650 case used in excellent condition for $75.00, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than new. Plenty big enough for my Deardorff 8x10, though I generally use it for my medium format and 35mm gear (weighs about 80 lbs all loaded). But my point is this- look around and you could probably find a used case for pretty cheap. Sure, non-photo specific cases will be cheaper than things like my used Pelican, but I like being able to get new foam and seals and stuff like that for it.

david clark
26-Jun-2001, 00:16
Hi Tim, my vote is for the Coleman variety camera case avalible in any discount store cheap. With a little foam padding, I find this a stout nondescript way the cart the camera. Best, David

Nicholas F. Jones
28-Jun-2001, 18:35
Tim, By "case" you probably mean something hard and rigid, but I have had good luck with a soft luggage-type carrying bag for my folding 8x10 camera. It's about 22x14 wide and tall, over 12" deep when loaded, with big pockets on either side. In the pocket opposite the ground glass I put my big cotton dark cloth which is several inches thick when folded; in the other, notebooks, cardboard range-finders, etc. This packing scheme offers enough protection for car trips and short hikes to a shooting site, but is probably insufficient for bus and airplane cargo holds. Meanwhile, I continue to search for an inexpensive alternative to the manufacturer's tripod bag for my big Bogen 3236 and 3057 head. Good shooting! Nick.